Shuba searches for comfort on “Come Here”


Known for her genre-bending hits like “True Colors,” “Nothing to Lose,” and “Indian Summer,” Indian-American artist Shuba makes it clear that she is not afraid to stand out. If the unique vocal techniques, eclectic melodies, and riveting production stylings of each track aren’t enough to convince you of her sparkle, then maybe this video of her dancing in the middle of Target will. Shuba does her own thing but she does it well, garnering much support from the likes of Rolling Stone, Popdust, and her 5 million TikTok followers in the process. As she continues to put herself out there, Shuba comes at us with her latest single, “Come Here.”

On “Come Here,” Shuba blends elements of American pop and Bollywood to create a dynamic story. Over chill guitar, rhythmic hand claps, and catchy pop beats, Shuba describes what it is like to perpetually need someone who may not be the right fit. Her vocals are graceful and alluring, the small turns and trills adding to this constant desire heard in the lyrics. You can check it out below.

About “Come Here,” Shuba explains,

“[It] is about a relationship that’s so wrong but feels so right. It’s about how we sometimes put ourselves in toxic or unhealthy situations but keep going back to them for the high it gives us. When we’re arguing with someone we love, and after we’ve cried it all out, sometimes we just want to hear them say, ‘Come here,’ and hold us. It’s the reset that keeps us going and feeling warm and comfortable in the relationship.”

You can listen to “Come Here” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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