LAIVY looks for inner peace on “Serenity”


Like so many up-and-coming musicians did during the start of the pandemic and “lockdown,” LAIVY took to GarageBand to begin his career as a pop artist. After creating a solid set of demos, he worked with Los Angeles producer Aidan Laprete to bring them to life. Last year, LAIVY released the singles “Beauty and the Beast,” “Fake Friends,” and “Young Love,” officially launching what is bound to become a dynamic career. Earlier this year, he opened for Emblem3, made his Brooklyn debut at the pinkFROG Café, and played at the iconic SOB’s in Manhattan. With so much new change in his life, it makes sense that LAIVY would try to find approval or validation from the people around him. However, on his new single “Serenity,” LAIVY relays that true happiness can only be found within oneself.

A stunning blend of melodies, genres, and vocal effects, “Serenity” showcases LAIVY’s diversity as an artist. He can easily adapt to the indie rock beats found in the chorus and the fluid melodic rap in the verses, seamlessly fusing one style with another. Through it all, he mentions the ways he has been hurt in a relationship, singing, “Last three years I can’t recall / Locating feelings that might be hard / Told me she loved me and just went off,” which leads him to ask, “We all get hurt sometimes, but how do you recover, babe?” You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Serenity,” LAIVY explains,

“Through my music, I’ve come to a profound realization: true happiness originates from within. It’s not about relying on someone else to complete me; it’s about discovering inner peace and contentment. The song encapsulates my personal voyage of self-discovery, underscoring the importance of loving and finding harmony within myself before embarking on the quest for love with another. This message is one I believe resonates with many, emphasizing the notion that serenity must be unearthed within ourselves before it can be sought in others.”

You can listen to “Serenity” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with LAIVY: Instagram // Facebook // X // TikTok // YouTube


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