Love You Later reflects on where she belongs with “Girl With Headphones”


For most of last year, alt-pop artist Love You Later kept things on the down-low. She released “Keepintouch,” the highly contagious single that I still listen to on repeat before moving onto the next song on my playlist – it’s that captivating. With such a commanding alt-pop sound, complete with all the hooks and earworm melodies, “Keepintouch” was able to stand on its own and hold us over until Love You Later was ready to follow it up with another irresistible banger. Picking up where she left off, she gives us “Girl With Headphones.”

A chill yet vibrant alt-pop track, “Girl With Headphones” is a cathartic listen. Over the lush sounds of drums and guitar, Love You Later places us in the reflective part of an indie movie, where the main character puts on headphones, tunes out the world, and tries to figure out their place in the world. With soaring vocals, she sings, “From the window seat, I feel so out of control / So, I’ll be the girl with the headphones on / Up in the air always waiting to land / Drowning out the noise ‘til I’m happy again.” You can listen below.

About “Girl With Headphones,” Love You Later explains,

“‘Girl With Headphones’ is about feeling out of place, like you’re the only one living in your world. Things were feeling very dim at the beginning of this year, and it made me think about how when I was kid I would feel like the main character in my own indie film, staring out the window of the passenger seat and romanticizing everything the world has to offer. There’s a true vulnerability and weight in this song as I pretty much admit I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. The song also comes with a sense of letting go and realizing maybe that’s what’s stopping me from being truly happy. ‘Girl With Headphones’ is about me, the main character, experiencing what it feels like to grow, let go, embrace the unknown, move on and return to myself. It’s a cathartic rollercoaster.”

“Girl With Headphones” is the first single from Love You Later’s upcoming EP, From the Window Seat, due out this summer. For now, you can check out the single on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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