Shuba has absolutely “Nothing to Lose” on new single


We were treated to a vibrant breakup banger from Shuba back in August, with the release of “True Colors.”  The animated track showcased the genre-bending artist’s attention to detail, its rousing melodies, bright choruses, and sassy lyrics mixing to create a special, memorable moment.  When it comes to music, Shuba gives it her all, unafraid to take chances.  And when it comes to breakups, she’s not afraid to turn her heartache into joy.

Another infectious pop single, “Nothing to Lose” instills a lightness that allows anyone dealing with a hard break to carry on in the world of dating – and of life.  Throughout the track, Shuba gives us candid lyrics like “Everybody’s thinking I’m not okay / That I’m sad all the time, that I cry all day” and “I ain’t gotta worry ’bout no one else / No more fights, no more calls, I’ve been through it all.”  Even though these lyrics are not particularly bubbly and fun, the melodies are cheerful and the choruses are an explosion of invigorating pop that will give anyone the feeling that they also have “nothing to lose.”  You can listen below.

About the single, Shuba shares,

[Nothing to Lose] is a song about letting your worries and inhibitions go.  We wrote it to feel like a happy song because a lot of times, when breakups happen, people forget about the post-breakup glow-up.  It’s a song about owning the messy aftermath of a breakup and being excited about the future and freedom.”

You can listen to “Nothing to Lose” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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