Surf Mesa releases “Manzanita” to get you on the dance floor this summer


Constantly inspired by new music, Surf Mesa sets out to create electronic tracks that capture the buzz he felt when discovering new artists during his youth. He always surpasses this goal, as evidenced by the 12 billion streamers out there who are actively listening to and enjoying Surf Mesa’s music, experiencing that buzz for themselves. When he released “City Of Love” in January, tastemakers like Rolling Stone and EUPHORIA. were all about it, highlighting its electro beats and feel-good production. Surf Mesa was able to amplify these elements even further on a remix of ILLENIUM’s “With All My Heart” in April, and is now mixing them with sharp effects and cool vocals on his latest release, “Manzanita.”

On “Manzanita,” Surf Mesa offers fresh beats, fast and skittering riffs, lively horns, and dreamy vocals. Its energetic sound and expansive production are consistent with songs you may hear on the dance floor, while the stripped-back moments offer relief and reflection. Altogether, its layers and textures take us somewhere open and exciting, setting us up for a good time. You can check it out below.

About “Manzanita,” Surf Mesa shares,

“‘Manzanita’ is a track I’ve kept exclusively for the dance floor for a while. The texture and atmosphere of this song makes me envision a rainforest in the future. It resonates with me so much as I begin my next chapter of music! I’ve been playing this one live for about a year, and I’m so glad to finally release it.”

You can listen to “Manzanita” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Catch Surf Mesa on tour this summer here.

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