Olivia Morreale finds refuge in the stars on ‘SPACE DREAMS’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  “Another Moon,” “Matter of Time”
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Hodophiles and adventure seekers had to find other ways to satisfy their travel urges last year, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.  Instead of flying to romantic islands or faraway forests, travelers took to their backyards, local parks, and nearby campsites to fulfill that need to venture out.  When those small escapades were not possible, though, alternative methods of escapism were necessary.  The power of dreams and the imagination takes control in those moments, transporting us wherever we need to go.  In the case of indie pop artist, Olivia Morreale, those dreams took her to outer space.

On Olivia’s new EP, SPACE DREAMS, she travels through space and time to a place where she can properly put her thoughts into perspective.  Each track focuses on different phases of a relationship, from only having eyes for that one person to sensing that a break-up is imminent.  As Olivia explores the scenery in each song, new details come forth that better guide her on her journey amongst the stars.  Soon enough, all sense of reality is left behind.

The soundtrack to Olivia’s imagination is otherworldly and enchanting, pulling from a wide array of genres.  We hear a mystical blend of funk and electronica, for instance, on “Parasomnia,” which work together better than you might have originally thought.  Meanwhile, the traces of R&B and alt-pop on “No Answer” establish an ethereal atmosphere that is more than fitting for the first track of the EP.  Overall, though, Olivia’s jazz background can be heard throughout the project, shaping a flourish or exaggerating a melody when needed.  In a way, the EP is paying tribute to the music that was there for Olivia as she grew up, leading her down the path of artistry that she is on today.

Out of the EP’s four tracks, there is only one new track that fans have not heard before.  After releasing “No Answer” at the beginning of the year, Olivia released “Another Moon” and “Parasomnia” to keep the fantasy afloat.  Yet, fans needed the conclusion, the final destination – just where did these tracks lead?  With the closing track, “Matter of Time,” we find that the journey ends with a devastating realization.  To the backdrop of downcast guitars and a gentle rock beat, Olivia sings, “I know it’s just a matter of time, it’s not a matter of love,” indicating that there is trouble in paradise.  The soulful tone of her voice cuts through the illusion that was created all this time, poignantly bringing us back to reality.

In the end, SPACE DREAMS strongly shows off Olivia’s creativity, and gives her a solid debut in the music industry.  There will be something for any music lover to connect with on the EP, whether it is Olivia’s musical style, vocal work, or thoughtful lyrics.  It is tricky to tell just where the artist might go next, as she can clearly dabble in a variety of genres.  Still, whether she decides to record an infectious dance track or a jazzy ballad, we are more than ready to escape with her and be a part of her next adventure.

You can listen to SPACE DREAMS on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Olivia Morreale:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website

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