Pink Skies teams up with XKYLAR for lush new single “Nickels”


Relationships are not always what they are cracked up to be.  There are times you’ll have to make compromises, times you’ll get into fights about making compromises, times you’ll face disappointment.  After all is said and done, you could be left wondering if the relationship is really worth pursuing, preserving.  When it gets to that point, you get the new single from Pink Skies and XKYLAR, “Nickels.”

On “Nickels,” Pink Skies and XKYLAR show us two sides of a strained relationship.  Over chill beats and warm melodies, we hear lines like, “If I had a nickel every time I cried / I could buy a house by the oceanside” and “If I had a nickel every time I cried / I would go out every single night,” both parties seeing a better future without he other.  By the time we hear the recurring, “If time is money, then it’s not well spent when I’m with you,” we know there is no chance for reconciliation.  You can listen to it below.

As far as how this collaboration between Pink Skies and XKYLAR came together, it all started last year when Pink Skies released the Summer’s For Lovers EP.  XKYLAR did the visuals for the project, perfectly capturing Pink Skies’ genre-bending sound and aesthetic.  From there, the project continued to gain support, with fans gravitating towards tracks like “Santa Barbara Fireflies” and “One Second.”

Up next for Pink Skies is a North American tour with The Knocks and Cannons starting October 7.  You can purchase tickets here.

You can listen to “Nickels” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Pink Skies: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube // TikTok // Website

Keep up with XKYLAR: Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok


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