Boy In Space romanticizes those final moments of a relationship with “The Last Time”


So far, we are two singles into the new era of Boy In Space, starting with the release of “Atom Bomb” in January. The track marked a relaunch for Boy In Space, also known as Robin Lundbäck, putting into motion his new team, new attitude, and determination to leave an “imprint on today’s pop sound.” It left a strong impression, touching on the power of love and the ways it can hit unexpectedly. In March, Boy In Space followed up the release with “Finally Fine Without You,” an equally moving single about wanting the best for your ex while processing the aftermath of a breakup. For his third single of 2024, Boy In Space now takes us to those final moments of a relationship that is about to break on “The Last Time.”

A bittersweet precursor to a breakup, “The Last Time” makes the most out of parting ways. The track starts out with Boy In Space’s delicate vocals and minimal production, exposing the vulnerability in seeing someone for the last time. It then picks up and becomes more pop oriented with skittering beats, pronounced downbeats, and synth, giving the lyrics more drama. With sweeping vocals, Boy In Space sings, “Hold tight / This could be the last time / Listening to ‘Landslide’ / Kissing on the roof / It’s okay / Even if my heart breaks / There’s still time for mistakes,” romanticizing his last moments with this person.

Giving us more details on “The Last Time,” Boy In Space shares,

“‘The Last Time’ was written during a quite difficult time in my life, and the song became an outlet of what I was going through while also taking on a life of its own. A breakup story and a nostalgic description of what could be the last moment together, leaving trails of betrayal and a feeling of being let down. I tried to capture that feeling of bittersweet heartbreak, when you want to laugh and cry at the same time.”

You can listen to “The Last Time” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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