Calling Cadence rejoice in their classic sound on self-titled debut album


Recommended Tracks:  “Just The Way It Goes”, “Took A Chance”, “Little Angel”
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For Los Angeles-based band Calling Cadence, honesty and authenticity are two elements of their classic Laurel Canyon sound that are non-negotiable.  Since releasing their debut single “Throw My Body” in August of last year, Calling Cadence have been capturing the interests of a variety of listeners with this organic style, gaining praise from the likes of Folk N Rock and The Audio Beat.  After the release of their third single “Just the Way It Goes,” Calling Cadence received feedback from the notable Los Angeles radio station KLOS, ensuring that they are a band to watch.  Maintaining their unique vintage sound, Calling Cadence give us their self-titled debut album, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered straight to analog tape.

By forfeiting the use of digital recording programs and computer-based instrumental components, Calling Cadence were able to better focus on expanding their timeless sound.  Throughout the album, they offer a variety of styles, catering to a wide array of music lovers.  On the feel-good “Dancin’” and “King,” for instance, Calling Cadence achieve sunny and vibrant sounds through funk and country pop productions, respectively.  Fans who are interested in something more intense, however, might gravitate towards the soulful rock sound found on “So Far” or resonate with the melancholy folk vibes of “Wasn’t It Good.”  Even with this diversity in genre, Calling Cadence are still able to make each track cohesive with one another, making for a smooth and solid listen.

Complementing these assorted styles are assorted lyrics and topics that elaborate on relationships.  We hear about the concept of “ghosting” on “Just The Way It Goes,” where vocalist Oscar Bugarin accepts the situation by looking forward to finding someone better.  This hopeful spirit comes through on “This Time,” with Oscar singing, “I can take you where you need to go” and “This time it’s alright,” promising that nothing bad will go down in a newly revived relationship.  Speaking more to the relationship with one’s self, “Burn These Blues” is about doing what you can to get through the day, even if those actions are not respectable.

One special aspect of Calling Cadence is the partnership between Oscar and Rae Cole, who create magic when singing together.  On “Took A Chance,” for instance, Oscar and Rae describe a breaking point in a relationship, each taking turns to explain what is going on.  The longing and expression in each of their voices is so captivating, and we are treated these rich colors again on “Enough.”  Whether they are singing together or just lending a few harmonies here and there, it is clear that Oscar and Rae were meant to make music together.

On the whole, Calling Cadence have created a wonderful soundtrack for the spring and upcoming summer season.  We also hear how strong the band is on a performance level, as we take in the rich layers of sound, the sweet vocal harmonies, and the infectious melodies found throughout the project.  Knowing that they made this album with little assistance from computers makes the project even more impressive, especially when the album is on the lengthy side in terms of number of tracks.  In the end, Calling Cadence make a fine homage to music from the past, but also appeal to future generations, as a classic sound and relevant lyrics never go out of style.

You can listen to Calling Cadence on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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