Last Dinosaurs get in their own way on “Auto-Sabotage”


Even though indie rock band Last Dinosaurs is based in Australia, the group has found a home all over the globe.  They toured the world after the success of their first three albums, and even played sold-out headlining shows and festivals on nearly every continent.  Stuck in Mexico at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, songwriter and guitarist Lachlan Caskey used the time to work on the band’s upcoming album, From Mexico With Love.  The project is a way of exploring the world while staying put, looking at areas we may travel to both internally and externally.  On their new single, “Auto-Sabotage,” Last Dinosaurs turn inward and evaluate some self-destructive tendencies.

A beaming indie rock track with sunny guitar and inviting melodies, “Auto-Sabotage” is for those who are stuck in their defeated ways.  Throughout the track, lead vocalist Sean Caskey touches on thoughts that are in-line with a downward spiral.  With fuzzy vocals, he sings, “I can’t catch a break” and “Things were going great with us.”  Ultimately, he shares, “I really don’t want to change even if it’s for the better” and claims that he is “self-sabotaging all the time.”

About the single, Lachlan shares,

“Self-sabotage.  Everybody does it, everybody is puzzled by it.  I wrote this song at a time when living through the pandemic in Mexico, the sheer surplus of time that I had firstly got me facing my demons and disciplining myself.  But it’s as if the other things in life which generate difficulty or tension that require some sort of self-sabotage to deal with them. To dabble in the dark side of things even if they are mundane (alcohol, lust, addictive video games, gossip) is somewhat necessary to existence.  We can’t be hyper-controlled and all entirely pure, at least in most cases.  But it is the fact that this self-sabotage is so prevalent in everybody that it seems disproportionately high.

Whether it was me, my own mind, my best friend in Mexico or anybody really, the sense of self-destruction at the time was infinitely infuriating.  I don’t wish to make a song which simply makes it okay to destroy yourself and your goals, but rather to point it out a problem, to expose it as a sly and clandestine condition of the mind.”

You can pre-order From Mexico With Love, out November 4, here.

Last Dinosaurs will also be going on tour with OKAMOTO’S in Japan this September and with Bad Suns in North America this fall.  Tickets can be found here.

Keep up with Last Dinosaurs:  Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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