Jeffrey James releases moving pop ballad “We Can Be Heroes”


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jeffrey James has been creating timeless music for years, penning original songs for himself and others.  His R&B style, soulful vocals, and poignant lyrics have made quite an impression, as his music has been featured in ads for big-name products like XBOX and Ford, and in countless movies and television shows.  People might also remember Jeffrey from an episode of Songland last year, where his track “We Can Be Heroes” was pitched for Martina McBride.  While Martina did not choose to record his song, Jeffrey held onto the track and is now ready to officially release it into the world.

A gorgeous piano ballad with an inspiring message, “We Can Be Heroes” serves as a light in the dark.  The track is about finding the strength to carry on and be that hero that you or someone else so desperately needs.  Jeffrey shared, “’We Can Be Heroes’ is about stepping up when times look dark.  It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero.  We all have it in ourselves to take responsibility for our future and look out for each other.”  With the pandemic still out there, claiming so many lives, the timing of the track could not be more pertinent.

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder helped produce the song, cleaning up some of the lyrics and giving it that sacred, anthemic feel.  As you listen to Jeffrey sing, “If we keep reaching / If we keep fighting / Stronger than we know / We can be heroes,” you feel inspired to take action.  It is no surprise that his performance of the track on Songland resonated with so many people, who gave him nothing but tremendous support online afterward.

You can listen to “We Can Be Heroes” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Jeffrey James:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website


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