Julia Wolf and blackbear team up for “Gothic Babe Tendencies”


As much as it sucks to be disappointed in life, there are times when disappointment is going to happen.  Promises are broken.  Plans are ruined.  And when we think that something will finally work in our favor, it fails miserably.  Over time, it can be easy to just get used to the disappointment, to expect it, to live with the gloom and doom.  But what if there was something out there that could make the storm clouds go away?  Someone out there who could shatter that emo armor?

Julia Wolf has been known to dabble with the dark and ominous, her previous releases like “Dracula” and “Hot Killer” touching on her love for horror.  On “Gothic Babe Tendencies,” however, Julia considers moving on from her pessimistic habits.  Filled with bright guitar riffs and sunny melodies, the single has a lighter vibe than what we are used to hearing, guiding Julia out of the shade as she sings, “I got gothic babe tendencies / I always choose the dark / But what if I surrender to the sun?”  When blackbear joins in with lines like “Maybe I feel like I don’t deserve your love, but you can save me from this self-sabotage,” we feel his need to move past his gothic babe tendencies as well.  You can check it out below.

Giving us more details about “Gothic Babe Tendencies,” Julia shares,

“‘Gothic Babe Tendencies’ speaks to how I feel when starting to develop feelings for someone.  Finding someone you like is challenging—a rarity nowadays—so when it happens, something in me says it won’t last.  It’s a gloomy mindset thinking it’s too good to be true, so better to run before getting hurt.  There’s a part of me that, of course, wants to believe, that wants to surrender to the sun instead of running from it.  I think many of us ‘gothic babes’ have this internal battle.”

You can listen to “Gothic Babe Tendencies” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Julia’s debut album, Good Thing We Stayed, will be released January 13, 2023.  You can pre-save it here.

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