Julia Wolf confronts “Dracula” on her spooky new single


Fans of Julia Wolf are well aware of the rising singer-songwriter’s dark side.  With the release of sinister singles like “Hot Killer” and “Villain” and haunting visuals found in various cover art, lyric videos, and music videos, Julia has established that she is here for all things spooky.  She is also here for honesty, as she is unafraid to share her secrets or tear down the haters in her songs.  On her new single “Dracula,” Julia combines her affinity for the ghostly with her truthful tendencies to create a bop just in time for Halloween.

With “Dracula,” Julia calls out anyone who has ulterior motives.  Her graceful vocals deliver lines like “You got my notifications on / You taking notes” and “I’m never blind to a leecher / I know the ways of the Reaper,” sharing that she is one step ahead.  The smooth dark pop production, complete with an ominous little riff that dances about the track, only adds to the choruses where Julia sings, “I call you Dracula / ‘Cause most of you people just can’t even look in the mirror.”  You can check it out below.

Giving us more details about “Dracula,” Julia shares,

“As someone who is a diehard horror fan, I wanted to use our beloved Dracula, the vampire who can’t see his own reflection, as a way to call out people who throw the most shade while hiding behind closed doors or phones.  People get so two-faced and think they’ve fooled everyone around them when really the spotlight couldn’t be shining down any brighter.”

You can listen to “Dracula” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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