James Vincent McMorrow announces upcoming album, ‘Wide Open, Horses,’ releases new single


Since he stepped onto the scene in 2010, James Vincent McMorrow has made his mark in pop music and culture. The Irish singer and songwriter made a splash with his debut album Early in the Morning, but it was his cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” that really made waves. The cover led to a re-release of his debut album and placed James in a favorable position to record his 2013 sophomore album, Post Tropical. The album reached number two in Ireland and was well-received by critical publications. The following year, James recorded a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” The cover was used in the trailer for season six of Game of Thrones, bringing James to reach new heights. After the release of 2016’s We Move, which went on to debut at number one in Ireland, James lent vocals to “Hype” from Drake’s Views album, “I’m in Love” on Kygo’s Cloud Nine, and “Run Away” from dvsn’s Morning After, to name a few. His 2022 album, The Less I Knew, served as a closure album for most people still coming to terms with covid and the emotional toll it took, being quoted by Variance as “the perfect listen in the midst of these complicated times.” With his upcoming album, Wide Open, Horses, set to drop June 14, James is continuing to make his mark while also going back to his roots.

James’s new album is slated to be a continuation of his early work. Fans have already heard this in the first single from the album, “Stay Cool,” and can also pick it up on his second single, “Never Gone.” Most of the track is reflective and slow, with James pairing folksy acoustic flourishes with his calm and steady vocals. While it establishes a sense of warmth and ease, the lyrics instill a sense of darkness. This comes through in lines like, “I found some therapy / It gives me what I want to hear,” which leads into questions of overall existence. It goes from quiet meditation to full-on existential crisis, complete with fuller vocals and electric guitar. You can check it out below.

About “Never Gone,” James shares,

“It’s the anchor of the record. It sums up the whole album; you’re just trying to fight meaninglessness. I always felt like I’ve been trying to find meaning so I could be remembered. When you don’t find it, it doesn’t feel good. I got to a point where I was like, ‘I fucking love this. I don’t care. If my friends, family, and people who know me as a musician love it, then I’m happy’. I regretted missing so many beautiful moments, because I’d get off stage like, ‘What’s the next opportunity?’ I’ve come to terms with the fact that when I die, I’ll be forgotten, and it’s okay. We all will. It felt ridiculous to fight it. Embracing it was very freeing. ‘Never Gone’ is just about appreciating what’s here for you in the moment.”

You can listen to “Never Gone” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Pre-order Wide Open, Horses, out June 14, here.

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