ALBUM REVIEW: Crown The Empire // Sudden Sky


Recommended Tracks:  BLURRY (out of place), Under the Skin, March of the Ignorant
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Post-hardcore band, Crown The Empire, has been on the scene for almost ten years now, accumulating massive amounts of fans, captivating hearts, and blowing minds.  After releasing their third album in 2016, the boys are now back to continue their reign with Sudden Sky.  While it isn’t full of your typical upbeat jams for summer, it does contain tracks that will get you through some of the more emotional, complex parts of summer.

The album begins with the short intro, “(X).”  This intro is split into two parts that prepare us for what we will hear on the album.  The first part of the intro is more of a monologue that reveals some of the topics that are explored in the tracks.  We hear questions, such as “What am I afraid of?” and “How many times can I refresh the same page before I realize that I’ll just get the same outcome?”  Once the monologue finishes, a frenzy of different beats takes over and instills in us the adrenaline we need to take on the album.

It becomes obvious that the album focuses on mental health and emotional stability after hearing the first track, “20/20.”  It pinpoints the way that social media can take a toll on a person.  We can get so lost in what we see and who we talk to online that we lose sight of what it means to really live.  One of the more powerful lines in the track happens in the second verse, “I found myself in the sun no longer bleeding / connecting so I can feel something with meaning,” suggesting that it is critical to make time for ourselves to go outside every once in a while and be reminded of what is real.

The next track, “what i am,” is not as musically direct and intense as track two, but it does pack a punch.  The verses are stirring, with the pounding of drums and the relentless guitar strumming, leading up to huge, all-embracing choruses.  The lyrics focus on not losing yourself while dealing with difficult people or situations.  It makes a great anthem.

One of the highlights on the album is the track, “BLURRY (out of place).”  The band has mentioned that this track is about how they feel once they come back home from tour, as they try to settle back into society.  It is a major change to go from life on the road, where you are around loads of people every day, to life at home, where you may be surrounded by silence.  For those of us who do not live this kind of life, we can still relate to the song, as there are probably times when we feel “lost,” “out of place,” or “far away.”

After the invigorating, “Red Pills” and “MZRY,” we arrive at another one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Under the Skin.” It is a little more subdued than the other tracks, but it has a very dramatic feel.  Accompanied by strings and pronounced drumming, the lyrics portray a conversation that we might have had with ourselves, where we try to make sense of ourselves.  What is it that we want?  What are we willing to change?  All of the song’s elements work together to represent the internal battle.

Closing the album is the title track, “Sudden Sky.”  Finally, after everything we have experienced, it looks like the clouds are parting and a clearer sky is suddenly appearing above us.  This track is unapologetic, as the music and the lyrics come at us with an unwavering spirit.  It is a culmination of the lessons we have learned in each track, reminding us that if we can become active participants in life, we are sure to have brighter days.

Crown The Empire has done an amazing job with Sudden Sky and with the messages that they wanted to convey through its songs.  We need to spend less time trying to mask our emotions and more time connecting with people and the environments that surround us.  It is then that we can embrace and value the true meaning of life.

You can listen to Sudden Sky on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.  Be sure to check out Crown The Empire on tour here.

Keep up with Crown The Empire:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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