Robert DeLong teams up with Lights on swirling “Did it To Myself”


We all make mistakes.  We all face the consequences.  These past few weeks have put us in some wild situations, given that Mercury has been in retrograde – at least, that is what I tell myself to explain some of these wacky predicaments.  For anyone who has been in a weird place or has committed a bit of self-sabotage during this time, Robert DeLong and Lights have a story for you.

On their new single, “Did it To Myself,” Robert DeLong and Lights take accountability for staying in a relationship that has run its course.  Lights opens the track, mentioning how close she was to “calling it off.”  She then recounts the moments when she takes this person back, admitting that she keeps putting herself in these situations.  DeLong, meanwhile, shares the same tendencies, admitting, “It’s not a love life, it’s a daydream” and “Even when I want to run, sometimes I stay.”  While they know that this is not the healthiest relationship, the cycle continues – as long as the chemistry remains.

Mixing reggae elements of ska and melodic elements of electro-pop, “Did it To Myself” is a stunning display of sound.  There are many different colors and patterns to take in, as these genres make for an unusual pairing.  Still, the track is as catchy as can be, complete with a film noir horn motif that perfectly suits the tale that unfolds.  You can check it out below.

Both DeLong and Lights enjoyed creating the track remotely, using the unique circumstance to their advantage.  DeLong mentions, “I had created an instrumental and emailed it off from LA to Lights who is just north of Vancouver, Canada, and she almost immediately came back with the first pass of lyrics and melody. Somehow we were both on the same wavelength at the same time, and this telepathic link allowed us to finish the song together, remotely.”  Lights adds, “I have a lot of fun with remote collabs because I can just sit alone in my workspace and dig deep, experiment with thoughts and tones I might not tap if I was in a room with other people, yet still exchange notes and put our heads together at the same time.”

You can listen to “Did it To Myself” on music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Robert DeLong:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website

Keep up with Lights:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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