Pink Elefants embrace darkness on “Sound of Violence”


In life, it is normal to try to convey a “picture-perfect” existence.  We tell people that we are “good” when they ask how we are doing, even if we feel like crying.  We take 400 selfies before finally finding the best one to post on social media.  There are so many opportunities to disguise the more sinister or ugly parts of ourselves, but Pink Elefants know that life is not as flawless as it looks – or sounds.

On their new single, “Sound of Violence,” the genre-bending band expose the cryptic realities that are concealed behind closed doors.  The lyrics paint a crazy party scene, where people are “starving for the marque” and “fumbling their car keys,” completely unaware of the madness around them.  The band mentions, “The observer in the song narrates as if they are in some lavish party in the hills.  At first, the party seems perfect until you look closely and peel back the layers.  As the veneer begins to decay, we can all start to see the darkness underneath.”  The melodic vibe of the low-fi, alt-pop track definitely covers up this darkness, and convinces us that everything is fine.

The overall message of the track is creatively executed in the music video.  The concept of the video is simple, as we see members of the band surrounded in darkness while colorful lights and cartoons are projected on top of them.  As abstract as it seems, we know that the contrast between the light and the dark is a metaphor for what is going on in the song.  You can check it out below.

It is also interesting to note that “Sound of Violence” was written before the pandemic, before we knew what 2020 was all about.  So, while the single is not really about the issues we faced last year, it very much speaks to what we are going through today.  The track will hopefully inspire those who hear it to make a difference.

You can listen to “Sound of Violence” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Pink Elefants:  Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Christine Sloman
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