ALBUM REVIEW: The Hunna // Dare


Recommended Tracks:  “One,” “Flickin’ Your Hair,” “Babe, Can I Call?”
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With their sophomore album now out in the world, The Hunna are still fairly new to the music scene, but prove that you should get to know them, if you don’t already.  The British rockers have experienced a lot since the release of their debut album two years ago and have compiled these experiences into Dare.  Nostalgia, anger, and envy are just a few of the many emotions we feel while hearing these stories and moments in time.  On a scale of 1-10, this album is definitely 100.

We start off with title track, “Dare,” which sets the energy for the album.  It is such a cathartic track for anyone who has been underestimated, misunderstood, or has been cast aside in the game of life.  The statement, “And I dare you,” is constantly posed throughout the track, as a way to taunt whoever might be the subject of the song.  I dare you to not feel empowered after hearing this one.

About halfway through the album, we have the track, “Babe, Can I Call?”  I am pretty sure that it is my favorite song on Dare.  It starts off with a groovy drum pattern and a guitar riff that echoes the song’s chorus.  Throw in Ryan’s incomparable vocals, an exciting build-up to the chorus, and then the actual chorus, and you have a proper tune!  It really takes you to another place.

The next few tracks are more about celebrations of love and life.  They could define what would be like a B-side to the album, where the A-side consisted of songs that were about breakups and the aftermath. One track in particular on this “B-side” is “Lover,” which is a shower of rose petals.  For instance, “I like the way you proved me wrong, you made me believe in love.  I’d rather do nothing with you than something with anybody else…” is like an arrow through my heart.  It makes a great addition to any wedding playlist.

After a more personal song about the passing of Ryan’s mother, the album ends with as much grit as it had in the beginning.  The last song, “Y.D.W.I.W.M.,” reminds people that The Hunna are not to be messed with.  It stands for the statement, “You don’t want it with me,” and is almost like a slap in the face to anyone who told this band that they wouldn’t amount to anything.  It leaves a lasting impression and is a great way to close the album.

You can stream Dare on all the sites, like Apple Music and Spotify.

Catch The Hunna on their current tour here.

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