Axel Flóvent Releases ‘Away From This Dream’


Recommended Tracks: “Asymmetry”, “This Feeling”, “Have This Dance”
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Axel Flóvent released his sixth full-length project, titled the Away From This Dream. Since releasing his independent debut EP Forest Fires in 2015, the Icelandic musician has taken the world by storm with over 100 million streams across all of his projects. His music has earned critical acclaim from several top-notch music media outlets, including NPR, American Songwriter, and Atwood Magazine.

In Away From This Dream, Flóvent embraces his signature sound while he explores the ebb and flow of life. He makes use of his recently procured vintage Roland Juno-60 keyboard, and features live percussion, electric guitar, and piano.

About the recording process, Flóvent said:

“I was obsessed with the Juno-60. For the first time, the whole demo process was fiddling with the sound on the synthesizer, coming up with melodies, and singing. I demoed 30 songs and chose the ten best. I was experimenting with more live elements, and I had a lot of fun recording. Before, I primarily had relied on the acoustic guitar. I genuinely experimented here.”

The album takes the listener on a journey through the twists and turns of life. In opening track “Moonlight”, Flóvent uses light guitar chords and glistening keys that naturally lead into a powerful crescendo. Flóvent’s voice gracefully guides the next two songs, “Don’t Wait for Summer” and “Have This Dance”, which are charming pieces that emphasize the excitement of falling in love and seizing the opportunity to let your guard down with somebody else. “When the Sun Goes Down” features a sense of optimism, using a warmly tranquil sound that is reassuring to the listener.

The lighthearted mood shifts in “Wash It Away”. In this song, Flóvent navigates the loss of identity that comes with codependency in a relationship. This piece reflects Flóvent’s ability to have a delicate touch in his music, as he conveys a sense of emotional rawness.

As Flóvent describes it, “Wash It Away” is:

“The story of emotional connections to codependency. In the midst of dealing with emotions, difficulties, and dynamics in different relationships, you end up washing yourself away.”

“Wash It Away” can be compared to sixth track, “This Feeling”, which features layered harmonies and a barely-there beat that together create an elegant, graceful feel.

Perhaps the standout track on this album is “Asymmetry”, where Flóvent showcases his vocal talents over soft piano chords and an ethereal soundscape. In the lyrics, he yearns for perfection as he sings, “Would you see the imperfections / As something to fix / Or the love you wear / On your sleeve?” The song is deeply resonant with those who are striving to find their own place in the world, and is sure to connect emotionally with listeners worldwide.

Flóvent does not shy away from musical diversity in this album. In “Chasing the Night”, he uses retro sounds from the eighties-era music, heavily inspired by the eighties-pop radio station he listened to every day on his drive to the studio. The piece features a pulsing beat and echoed guitar lines, paying a beautiful tribute to the sounds of that decade. This throwback theme continues in “Honesty”, which also features an eighties-sounding drum machine and melody. Closing track (and title track) “Away From This Dream” employs a similar overall sound.

Reflecting on “Away From This Dream” in its totality, Flóvent said:

“I’ve always been a big fan of artists who evolve on each album. I don’t feel limited in terms of what I can do. It’s important for me to be able to explore a variety of sounds to show different sides of myself. I wanted to create an album I could perform with a band for a lot of people at a festival or you could listen to on headphones alone.”

Flóvent has a very active touring schedule for 2024 that has no signs of stopping any time soon. All info and tickets for recently added dates in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands can be found on his website.

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