Babe Corner release debut album, ‘Crybaby’


Recommended Tracks: “Summer Slaughter,” “Bianca,” “Crybaby”

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Vancouver’s Babe Corner have been on our radar for a while, and we’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for their debut album. The group entered the underground alternative scene in 2020 with their Killer EP, which features the hit song, “Cigarette,” and it was love at first sight. Babe Corner is led by Lindsay Sjoberg, and features Doohickey Cubicle’s Alli Deleo on keys, Club Sofa’s Jess Jones on drums, and Haley Blais on bass. Since Killer, they’ve been in the studio (when they’re not on stage) working hard on their debut album, Crybaby.

Crybaby‘s roll-out started with “Summer Slaughter” – a fitting name for an end-of-summer release. Babe Corner capture the suffocating September heat and pair it with vibrant riffs and Sjoberg’s ethereal vocals, alleviating a part of the pressure of a season that just won’t end. “Summer Slaughter” was followed by a 2nd single, “Bianca,” a cool track that feels like the first breeze after a stifling heat wave. Throughout the song, Sjoberg admits to “coming clean” but wishes she was “chill like Bianca.” Don’t we all?

One month before Crybaby‘s release, the group released a 3rd single, “They Don’t Love You (Like I Do).” The song starts with a beautiful guitar riff and Sjoberg’s soft vocals, with harmonies fading in and out. It’s an unforgettable moment, reminiscent of The Mamas & The Papas and The Cranberries. The 2nd half of the song is upbeat and fit for sunshine, but not the “Summer Slaughter” heat wave, rather, a spring afternoon. It’s Babe Corner at their best.

This is a true no-skip album, an admirable feat in an age of filler. Every song earns its place here, and Crybaby deserves to be listened to start-to-finish. The album’s 4th track and most recent single, “Bone Dry Dunes,” is an Americana-esque, effortlessly cool track, and a definite highlight. The title track is a personal favorite; it features breathtaking harmonies similar to those of boygenius and Haim. It’s obvious that this is just the beginning for Babe Corner, and we can’t wait to see their audience grow.

Listen to Crybaby

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