Foreign Fields Reflects On Family In New Single “Glowworm”


With the addition of lifelong friends Nate Babbs and Nick Morawieck, the Foreign Fields duo of Brian Holl and Eric Hillman are back and ready to hit the ground running. This new era emphasizes writing narratives instead of creating perfect songs, yet their music is loose and free, still retaining the shimmer of their previous work. Their latest single, “Glowworm,” shows the power of collaboration, friendship, and rejuvenation of their spirit while navigating the passage of time.

“Glowworm,” written by Holl, reflects on his daughter’s growth as a young child. Through layered percussion and sweet harmonies, lyrics such as “Holding up your hand / letting go of mine” and “And now you’re taller than the dog / I think he wonders where you’re from / He had it happen to him early” show significant milestones in his daughter’s early life, but there is a sense of uneasiness in the chorus with the lyrics “I’m begging you to know me”. It’s almost as if there is a fear of being left behind during all this development and change. 

When asked about his daughter’s story shared in “Glowworm”, Holl responded:

“Most of the time I’m ecstatic to watch her grow up, but there have been moments where I find myself trying everything I can to slow it all down. ‘I figured that the end would be different this time’ is about that foolish pursuit.”

You can listen to “Glowworm” below.

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Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza
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