Julia Wolf is on the prowl on ‘Good Thing We Stayed’


Recommended Tracks: “Gothic Babe Tendencies”, “Hinge Boy”, “Rookie of the Year”
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No matter how much the universe wants to see you fail, it is important to never let it win.  This could mean fighting back as hard as you can, this could mean making a compromise or breaking a promise.  In any scenario, though, you must continue to believe in yourself, which Julia Wolf does through and through.  On her debut album, Good Thing We Stayed, Julia gets into the moments that shaped her, reminding her of her worth.  She found a way to win even at her most vulnerable, and after listening to her stories, maybe you will too.

Julia’s album starts off with songs that ooze confidence.  On opening track “Now,” she gives us her underdog story, complete with lines like, “I knew who I was / All those nights, I knew who I was” and “No option, I made it happen / No choice, I was made to have it.”  It’s a mellow anthem, but its relentless nature completely spills into the following track “Get Off My.”  We get even more of a sense of Julia’s indestructible character here, as she sings, “Those days didn’t have a big name yet / Still said no thanks to the rain check / Tough skin when you’re shot down / I was green back then but I’m not now.”  By the third track, “Dracula,” Julia is fully on the prowl, ready to come for anyone who doesn’t know how to stay truthful.  It is a little spooky and dark with ominous riffs and references to vampires, but it all makes for the song’s main point, “The same ones who throwing the shade are afraid of the sun / I’m coming for blood / You knew what it was.”

Towards the middle of Good Thing We Stayed, Julia touches on her experiences with love, getting vulnerable.  For “Gothic Babe Tendencies,” she teams up with blackbear for an emo love story.  We hear both sides of the relationship, with Julia telling us, “I got gothic babe tendencies / I always choose the dark,” her insecurities clouding up what could be a good thing.  On the other hand, blackbear shares, “I was never the same after I got sober from you / Now it’s over for you and it’s over for me / Why do these words hurt so deeply?”  It is definitely a stand-out track on the album, its guitar-driven melodies cutting through the skittering beats we had heard up to that point.  Other tracks like “Sad Too Young” and “Virginity” contain the same kind of fear and doubt lyrically, with the former hinting at her inability to let go of her sadness and the latter recounting the disappointment she felt after her first hook-up.

By the end of the album, Julia picks herself back up for an empowering finish.  We get the ferocious “Hot Killer,” where she reminds everyone that just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous.  We can’t ignore her quiet rage as she sings, “I bite the bullet, they don’t bite me /
I don’t throw parties, they invite me.” There’s also “Sorority Girls,” which finds Julia showing off her rapping skills and delivering lines over feisty trap-inspired beats.  It gives the same vibes as “Dracula,” touching on the importance of being genuine.  To close the album, Julia gives us “Rookie of the Year,” bringing things full circle.  She pats herself on the back as she recalls, “Now, this shit came together like I thought it would” and insists, “I’m the motherf*ckin’ rookie of the year!”

Overall, Good Thing We Stayed is a bold debut, with an “I’m the best and I know it” attitude.  It can be a bit conceited when artists take that angle with their music at times, but Julia pulls it off.  There is a pleasing balance between the sassy songs and the quieter, more exposed tunes, which gives Julia humility.  Still, the album plays to her strengths, showing off her dynamic vocals, edgy lyrics, and ruthless style.  It’s a good thing we stayed to hear Julia’s debut, and we will continue to stick around, eager for her follow-up.

You can listen to Good Thing We Stayed on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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