Julia Wolf reflects on a prominent coming-of-age moment with “Virginity”


Starting with the release of “R.I.P. to the Club” back in March, Julia Wolf set the tone for a summer of thrills and chills.  She followed up the dark and dreamy single with “Hot Killer” in June, which found the singer-songwriter taking on a sassier, more defiant attitude.  Last month, Julia dropped a cryptic music video for the single, where she engaged in a few deadly affairs with friends.  With these singles, it seems as if nothing can faze Julia, but she gets vulnerable on her latest release, “Virginity.”

An intimate mix of skittering beats and melancholy guitar, “Virginity” takes us back to a prominent coming-of-age moment.  Wistfully, Julia sings about the scrambled emotions she felt after taking things to the next level with someone, experiencing “everything at once.”  After hearing her “favorite song” in the car ride home, she has a moment of clarity about this other person, “But the music makes me feel things / You never did / You don’t understand / So we never had a chance.”  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the inspiration behind the single, Julia shares,

“‘Virginity’ speaks about an extremely personal matter that carried much sadness and anger at the time, but also gave lots of insight into myself in retrospect.  I’m sure many of us can relate to wanting our first time to be with someone we care deeply for, as this was something my sister and I promised each other, but sometimes life happens and promises get broken.  I have realized the importance of putting yourself first and never choosing to settle.  It’s a reminder that for as many moments we experience that feel dark or regretful or gloomy, there are moments that follow, full of lessons and beauty which make us appreciate who we are and how we choose to move forward in our lives.”

You can listen to “Virginity” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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