Melissa Cherie looks for “Northern Skies” in the midst of heartbreak


In January 2018, singer-songwriter Melissa Cherie released her debut EP, Seasons, which she produced and recorded herself.  She then followed up the project with singles “Losing Anything” and “No Made Promises,” the former of which was referred to as “a perfect pop gem” by DJ Lazlo from BlowUpRadio.  For Melissa, creating music is an otherworldly process, a spiritual process, one that cannot be measured or explained.  It is all about the journey, and on her new single “Northern Skies,” Melissa takes us on an emotional journey full of frustration, disappointment, and heartbreak.

On “Northern Skies,” Melissa asks for honesty.  There is an innocence but also a pain that is heard in her voice as she sings, “So tell me who loves you, who likes your Northern Skies” and “I get that sunrise feeling / Why don’t you just break my heart in two?”  The colorful images that come to mind with these nature references add to the sound of soft acoustic guitar and bright piano riffs that come through, making it a compelling piece of indie pop.  You can check it out below.

About “Northern Skies,” Melissa shares,

“‘Northern Skies’ is a sweet and sentimental jam about wishing someone would just reject you already, instead of playing games with you.  It’s the lead single of my debut album, The Hearth, and was co-produced by myself and Doug Gallo (Foxanne, Tula Vera), and it’s very reminiscent of 90s rock ballads.”

You can listen to “Northern Skies” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Melissa Cherie:  Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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