Nicole Rayy rings in spooky season with “Graveyard”


Midway through the summer, Nicole Rayy gave us an insightful summer jam with “Last Ones Up.”  Its lively country pop sound perfectly set the mood for a night of fun, convincing all of us that sleep can wait.  With her powerhouse vocals, Nicole sang about the thrill of “chasing one more memory” and living life to the fullest.  But as we enter spooky season, the tone has changed from one of partying and having a great time to digging graves and burying skeletons.

On her new single, “Graveyard,” Nicole sends a warning to those out there who are after her heart.  Over a country rock production, she gives us dark lyrics in the form of, ““Mama gave me a shovel / Taught me to dig deep down / And now all the dead skeletons are nowhere to be found” and “If you think you’re special / Let me prove you wrong.”  With the ominous sound of chains rattling, the mood is complete, especially when Nicole sings in the choruses, ““I got a graveyard littered with caskets / Filled with the bodies of all of my exes.”  You can check it out below, if you dare.

Giving us more details about “Graveyard,” Nicole shares,

Written by a few of my extremely talented friends David Madras, Hayden McHugh, and Sam Davs, I fell in love with ‘Graveyard’ the minute I heard it.  Those who know me know that I’m obsessed with Halloween.  I am so excited to finally release a song that I can promote during my favorite time of year, spooky season.  Since the song is all about having a graveyard for your ex-partners, I knew I wanted to lean into the country rock side of things on this track.  Douglas Romanow, my producer, perfected the vibe and brought it to life exactly how I imagined.  I hope you are all ready to get spooky and enter the Graveyard.

You can listen to “Graveyard” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Nicole Rayy:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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