Das Mörtal unveils musical journey into the depths of the pandemic with “BURY THE SORROW”


Synthwave savant Das Mörtal returned with a new album titled BURY THE SORROW. In this bold new offering, the enigmatic artist takes us on an auditory journey that transcends genre boundaries, blending elements of synthwave, techno, and trap, all while delving deep into the psychological complexities of our pandemic-riddled world.

Unlike his previous works, which often drew inspiration from imaginative narratives, BURY THE SORROW confronts the very real themes of mental struggles, pressure, and the myriad of challenges brought on by the quarantine. The result is a deeply personal and relatable collection of tracks that serve as a raw expression of Das Mörtal’s emotions and thoughts.

The impact of the global pandemic is not only evident in the album’s overarching themes but is also woven into the individual tracks themselves. The music takes unexpected turns and shifts, much like the unpredictable and unstable mindset that many experienced during these challenging times. The album effortlessly transitions from techno beats to trap rhythms, with hints of dark trip-hop, all while retaining the occult electro and techno aesthetic that Das Mörtal has become known for.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “NOSHAME“, a song dripping with nostalgia and drive. It kicks off with washed-out 80s synth stabs, giving way to a trademark 4×4 synthwave beat and an infectious guitar lick that carries the track forward. Laden with lush chords and immersive soundscapes, Das Mörtal’s lyrics touch on breaking free from one’s own self-image and insecurities. This is the kind of track that demands to be played while cruising down a highway late at night, lost in thought.

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