Leah Callahan’s “Super” Is An Ode to Individuality


Leah Callahan‘s new release “Super” is a playful yet introspective indie rock track that showcases her distinctive voice and lyrical style. The song is part of her album Curious Tourist, which follows her ventures into different genres since her debut album Simple Folk in 2021.

The lyrics of “Super” touch upon themes of self-awareness, reflection, and a hint of rebellion against societal norms. The opening lines, “I’m feeling super today / But sorry I’m never gonna like the band suede,” immediately set a tone of individuality and refusal to conform. This refusal is further emphasized in lines like “Don’t think I’m ever gonna get more bold / Than I’m acting, right now“.

The chorus adds a catchy, almost anthemic vibe to the song, inviting listeners to join in the affirmation of feeling “super” despite life’s uncertainties and mood swings.

Callahan’s lyrics also touch upon deeper philosophical questions, such as the search for meaning and the human tendency to seek simple answers to complex questions. Lines like “You want a slogan you say / Death to uncertainty / Medicates the mind away” reflect on society’s inclination towards seeking easy solutions to life’s complexities.

Overall, “Super” is a refreshing indie rock track that combines catchy melodies with thought-provoking lyrics and a great introduction to Leah’s music.

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