earth2zoe tries to make sense of a failed relationship on “Count on Me”


With “Hallie’s Song” and “ok bye,” fans are better able to understand the powerful force that is earth2zoe.  The rising alt-pop singer uses intimate lyrics, sweeping melodies, and fierce vocals to draw people in, and with over 120k Spotify streams between “Hallie’s Song” and “ok bye,” earth2zoe is definitely creating a buzz.  She makes listeners feel like they’re not alone, as she openly sings about love, loss, and personal identity, which are topics that we can all relate to in some way.  Continuing to make music from her heart, earth2zoe adds another potent single to her name with “Count on Me.”

Covering the sudden end of a relationship, “Count on Me” is a bittersweet pop track that is filled with inviting melodies.  Over the skittering beats and calm production, earth2zoe thinks back to the relationship and speculates that she was the cause of its demise.  Thoughtfully, she sings, “Had to walk away / But it felt right / Now it’s 2AM / And I’m thinking twice” and “I was never yours completely / But you can count on me to let you down,” trying to find some sort of closure.  You can check it out below.

About the track, earth2zoe explains,

“’Count on Me’ was written about the feeling of letting someone down.  While writing this song, I reflected on a relationship that ended suddenly.  When that happens, you have a lot of thoughts racing through your head; one that I had was I felt like I messed up or I was the cause.  That’s where I got the idea, ‘You can count on me to let you down.’  I wrote this song with Troy Sampson and Ryan Stewart; I remember during the studio session, the songwriting aspect was very quick, and we ended up spending more time on the production then the writing itself.  I think the writing was so raw, and that’s why it was so easy to write.”

You can listen to “Count on Me” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with earth2zoe:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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