earth2zoe releases heartbreaking sophomore single “ok bye”


Towards the end of last year, Toronto pop artist earth2zoe made her official debut with the release of “Hallie’s Song.”  The track was a huge hit, landing on the Top 40 charts and securing placement on Spotify’s Pop All Day and It’s a Bop playlists.  Fans clearly took to the emotional story of losing a friend, finding that the heartbreak and confusion earth2zoe so soulfully sings about resonated on many levels.  Determined to share more of her story, earth2zoe gives us her sophomore single, “ok bye.”

Another emotional hit, “ok bye” takes a look at a relationship that has run its course.  Containing a soft indie pop production that progressively builds to the final chorus, the single takes us on a journey of pain and acceptance.  With her expressive vocals, earth2zoe sings, “I was never your type / I hate that you turn the other way late at night / That shit is hurtful / Told me don’t take it personal” and concludes, “We both know we don’t want to try this again.”  As she ends the discussion with “ok bye,” we understand how heartbreaking this moment is for her.  You can check it out below.

About the release, earth2zoe shares,

“I want the listener to use this song as their ‘universal (go-to) sad song.’  When you’re upset, confused, or just hating a boy (or girl) in the moment because your relationship is falling apart.  I had so many emotions while writing this song, and they really come through while listening.  That’s what I want the listener to hear and feel, the emotions of this song.  This song takes you on an emotional journey, and I’m in love with that about this song.”

You can listen to “ok bye” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with earth2zoe:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Website

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