Royal & the Serpent can’t stay away from the “PHUCKBOI REJECTS”


Back in 2020, LA singer-songwriter Royal & the Serpent made a strong impression with her anxiety-ridden single “Overwhelmed,” which resonated with loads of listeners in a big way.  The track spent 22 weeks on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart and became RIAA-certified gold, showing that it is a strong anthem for those who experience similar overwhelming feelings.  Ever since, Royal & the Serpent has been busy proving that she is not a one-hit wonder, releasing tracks that continue to pull in millions of streams.  At the end of last year, she released the first single from her upcoming EP IF I DIED WOULD ANYONE CARE, and is continuing to build hype with the second single “PHUCKBOI REJECTS.”

Essentially, “PHUCKBOI REJECTS” groups together all those guys out there who are nothing but trouble.  There’s the one who is “such a narcissist,” the one who is an “obnoxious kind of toxic that goes shopping at Hot Topic” or is “not a vegan but he could be” – Royal & the Serpent knows them well.  Over sassy pop punk music, she tries to figure out why she is so drawn to these guys who are just setting her up for heartbreak, the frustration she has with them fully coming through in her voice.  By the track’s end, she claims that she is “ready for another one,” nearly choking on her words.

The gritty, unapologetic energy of the track is depicted in the music video, which you can check out below.  We see Royal & the Serpent in a mental hospital, trying her best not to go insane in its barren rooms and forlorn hallways.  However, we see her fighting nurses and making out with another patient, the angst within the song completely overtaking her.

Royal & the Serpent’s IF I DIED WOULD ANYONE CARE EP comes out January 28, 2022.

You can also check out Royal & the Serpent as she supports grandson on his DEATH OF A TOUR shows next month.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Keep up with Royal & the Serpent:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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