Moon Taxi Release Mystifying Video for ‘One Step Away,’ Announce Upcoming Album


During the course of the pandemic, Moon Taxi has been releasing new singles that have served as appropriate commentary for the times.  Their first single, “Hometown Heroes,” was released in March, just at the beginning of the pandemic.  Not only did its upbeat melodies and nostalgic lyrics bring a sense of comfort to listening fans, but the track became an unofficial anthem to the first responders and other essential workers who are doing their best to serve their communities.  A few months later, the indie-alt band kept the positive vibes going with “Light Up,” which functioned as a source of positivity and inspiration for those having trouble staying optimistic right now.

With the release of these singles, it seemed as if the band was building up to something major.  Moon Taxi recently confirmed any and all suspicions by sharing the news of an upcoming album, Silver Dream, coming January 22, 2021.  Along with this news, the band was generous enough to release the album’s third single, “One Step Away.”  They shared, “ ‘One Step Away’ is more rooted in soul and rock than our previous releases, ‘Hometown Heroes’ and ‘Light Up,’ and we decided to release it today with the launch of the album pre-order to show you guys just how much variety the record has.”




To celebrate, Moon Taxi dropped an accompanying music video for “One Step Away,” showcasing the band in a mysterious light.  As we see abstract depictions of the band members, a second narrative unfolds, involving a suspicious boy.  The boy creeps against the sides of buildings and peeks around corners, trying to avoid some kind of fate.  Is he “one step away” from meeting his match?  Check it out below to find out.

You can pre-order Silver Dream here, and be sure to grab some of those awesome merch bundles!

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