chae makes a soulful debut with “Make You”


Known for her work in the dance music scene, singer-songwriter chae has been busy crafting her own sound and making a name for herself.  In 2018, chae made her way onto “Light Up The Way,” a collaboration with William James and yetep, before finding herself on Rome in Silver’s single “Friends” in 2020.  From there, chae stepped back from collaborations to develop her own voice, knowing that she had a lot to say on her own terms.  Now prepping for the release of her debut EP, Letters I’ll Never Write, chae is giving fans the first single, “Make You.”

An adventure in acceptance and self-worth, “Make You” shows the duality of embracing pain and strength at the same time.  Containing a feel-good R&B production and loads of soothing piano and guitar riffs, the track attempts to smooth over some of the serious feelings chae expresses, such as betrayal and guilt.  Even though she knows it may be pathetic to get back together with the person she sings about, she accepts that having that desire is only a part of life.  By embracing these mixed emotions, chae shows her humanity and connects to those out there who feel the same.  You can check it out below.

About the track, chae explains,

‘Make You’ evidently taught me that being raw, uncut, and oversharing oneself isn’t a weakness.  I had been carrying inside of me a cruel expectation; that being a woman of worth meant forcing the ability to contain pain well and yet also maintain complete composure at the same time…This song captures that humanity.  It makes you confront both these stages, both sides that are very human, beautifully fragile, and unapologetically real.

In addition to “Make You,” there will be five other tracks for fans to explore on chae’s upcoming EP.  Due for release on June 24, 2022, Letters I’ll Never Write carries the love, the pain, the growth; the understanding, and gratitude to everything that life offers with no guarantees.” 

Keep up with chae:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube


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