Ketchup the Cat joins forces with JONEE for aching new single “Overthinker”


It was almost a year ago that Ketchup the Cat took us to outer space with his third EP, A Cosmic Tale.  The EP was a joint effort between the music producer and his good friend Abraxaz, who served as a co-collaborator and lead vocalist for most of the project.  Together, Ketchup the Cat and Abraxaz gave us a message about purpose on A Cosmic Tale, drawing on the connection we have between ourselves and the universe to bring out what is important in life.  As he follows up the project with his new single “Overthinker,” Ketchup the Cat is teaming up with singer-songwriter JONEE for another message about purpose and speaking your mind.

A blend of R&B, EDM, and Lo-fi, “Overthinker” is as lively as it is relaxed.  Ketchup’s dreamy production and unique mix of styles create a cinematic feel that pairs well with the weighty lyrics.  We hear about the unsettling way our thoughts can manifest in our heads, as JONEE sings, “If I don’t lay these thoughts to rest, I might lose my mind” and asks “What do I do now? / Where do I go?”  The more JONEE repeats these questions throughout the track, the more we understand the madness of overthinking.  You can check it out below.

It is too early to tell how the year will play out for Ketchup, but things are off to a strong start.  The producer has a passion for creating sounds that inform and inspire, constantly ready to discover something that nobody has really heard before.  He also has an ear for collaborations, seeking out local or more established artists, such as carolesdaughter, to bring his ideas to life.  As long as he keeps this momentum going, we are sure to hear great things from him the rest of the year.

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