Ketchup the Cat and Abraxaz graze the stars on ‘A Cosmic Tale’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  Gravity (Wonder), Money Talks, Lunar Phases (Outro)
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Outer space.  The concept alone is more than intriguing, as it offers so many more questions than answers.  When it gets to be all too much for us down here on Earth, we can attempt to find some comfort by looking up into the night sky, getting lost in the light from countless stars.  There is a lot of beauty to behold in space, and the idea that there is something out there that is bigger than ourselves is worth exploring.  Ketchup the Cat knows the power that space has on us Earthlings, and has used that power to better tell the stories on his third EP, A Cosmic Tale.

Ketchup the Cat really flexes his production talents on A Cosmic Tale, as he seamlessly fuses voiceover elements, genres, and vocal styles together from one track to the next.  A fine example of his craftsmanship is the opening track, “Gravity (Wonder).”  The track begins with a NASA-esque countdown from five, before “blasting off” into a hip-hop meets psychedelic rock meets EDM mash-up.  While there is so much to sort through, it never feels like too much; only a skilled creative with a sharp ear can make an eclectic piece feel so cohesive.

Teaming up with the cunning music producer is Abraxaz, who serves as co-collaborator and lead vocalist for most of the EP.  Whether he is singing out on “Money Talks” or rapping on “Selfish,” Abraxaz shows that he is a dynamic entertainer and gifted songwriter.  The artist is able to adapt his style to best suit the flow of a track, sometimes sounding like more than one person in a song.  After hearing him out, you fully understand why Abraxaz was chosen for this project.

As the title of the EP suggests, the tracks are all about cosmic exploration.  Ketchup the Cat and Abraxaz use the concept of the universe as a way to expand upon who we are and our place in this world.  From working hard to have a good life, as we hear on “Selfish,” to trying to figure out if money really is everything, such as on “Money Talks” or “First Class,” Ketchup the Cat has presented a series of stories that can resonate with everyone in some way.  It all leads up to the closing track, “Lunar Phases (Outro),” which summarizes the lessons we have learned from the other tracks, as well as our overall journey in life.

All things considered, A Cosmic Tale is a brief way to leave all of our worries and concerns behind.  As we listen to this tale of the cosmos, we are able to disconnect from reality and reflect on what is being presented in the music.  Instead of giving us a trippy collection of songs that lack in direction or focus, as would almost be expected in a body of work that references space and time, Ketchup gives us tracks that are playful, but direct.  Each song has a meaning, just as each person, each connection, and each relationship we manage to establish as we navigate life.

You can listen to A Cosmic Tale on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


Keep up with Ketchup the Cat:  Instagram // SoundCloud // YouTube

Keep up with Abraxaz:  Instagram // SoundCloud // YouTube


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