Alle The Dreamer goes back in time on “Lonely Hallucinations”


Before she became the pop songstress she is today, Alle The Dreamer was busy writing and recording with prominent figures in the music scene.  Along with producers like Bram Inscore (BTS, Andy Grammer) and Dayyon Alexander (Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa), Alle worked with artists like DVBBS (as a featured artist on “Wicked Ways”) and Little Mix (as a co-writer on “F.U.”).  Even though she was establishing herself as a dynamic singer and songwriter, Alle realized that her work was not making her happy.  She took time off to figure out what she truly wanted, which was to write from the heart.  Ready to redefine who she is, Alle is giving us her new single, “Lonely Hallucinations.”

On “Lonely Hallucinations,” Alle The Dreamer gets lost in a reverie.  With her light and airy vocals, she sings, “I’m getting tired of living on rewind / Oh my God / All my friends keep telling me it’s gonna take time,” wondering how she is going to move on from a break-up.  Even though she knows that she is better off living in the present, she can’t help but look forward to the future or drift back into the past, the dreamy pop production inviting us to travel back and forth with her.  You can listen below.

About “Lonely Hallucinations,” Alle The Dreamer shares,

“I wrote this song about being stuck in between the past and the present.  It’s a break-up song about my inability to see clarity and wanting peace.  Feeling paralyzed in my decisions and constantly reliving memories from the past.  I also have this deep fear of making mistakes and then regretting them in the future.  So it was kind of like all of these mixed feelings that were coming up.  You know when someone is talking to you, but you’re just somewhere else, lost in a memory?  Yeah, that’s ‘Lonely Hallucinations.’  It’s about all the thoughts and memories that live in your head that no one knows about.”

You can listen to “Lonely Hallucinations” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Alle The Dreamer: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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