Polo & Pan team up with Channel Tres for slick dance track, “Tunnel”


Picture this:  A warm summer evening.  A car with friends.  As you cruise into the night, the glow from the streetlights around you is gentle and inviting.  Everything just feels right, and you know that the moment needs that perfect night time song to drive around to in order to make it complete.

For their second track of 2021, Polo & Pan have collaborated with Compton rapper, Channel Tres, to give us such a tune.  On “Tunnel,” Polo & Pan create a snippy, trippy beat that moves between serene and agitated over the course of the track.  Over the oscillating pulses, Channel Tres keeps the vibe warm and grounded, using the music as inspiration for his words.  As he gets lost in the sound, Channel Tres declares, “Take me back to that feeling,” and mentions, “I can hear the rhythm call to me,” setting us up for a wild ride.

The track is about five minutes in length, which is a bit on the “lengthy” side.  However, there is enough activity going on throughout the track to keep listeners engaged.  We hear a dance beat one minute, a verse from Channel Tres the next, followed by a meandering rhythm – it is all eclectic, but nothing ever feels random or out of place.  You can check it out below.

“Tunnel” is from Polo & Pan’s upcoming album, Cyclorama, out June 25.  You can listen to the track on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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