Franc Moody kick off a new chapter with “Move Me”


Blurring those lines between fantasy and reality, Franc Moody left fans in an ethereal space with the release of their sophomore album, Into the Ether, last year. The project was an expansion of the band’s electro-funk sound, captivating fans with lively beats, propelling grooves, and feisty riffs from start to finish. It also promoted the idea of getting lost in a feeling or sensation, no matter how big or small. Closing the chapter on this era while retaining the eclectic vibes of Into the Ether, Franc Moody are ready to begin a new one with the release of “Move Me,” their first single of 2023.

For those who love a chill house track, “Move Me” is sure to deliver. We are treated to pleasant synth, layers of percussion, and various vocals throughout, which work together to create an energy that is impossible to ignore. This energy is also prompted by the “I want you to move me” tagline that repeats, lighting a fire in the hearts of listeners. You can check it out below.

The release of “Move Me” is a historic one for members Ned and Jon, as it is the first single from their independent label, House Of FM. The single definitely sets the bar high for the new label and creates hype for future releases that are due out later this year.

Telling us more about this release on House Of FM, they share,

“It feels like a bit of a landmark moment for us in terms of our continued journey as independent musicians. That freedom, spirit and sense of community defines our project, and we feel ‘Move Me’ encapsulates this moment perfectly. It’s a tune built for the dance floor, with a Godzilla-sized bass riff at its core. Enjoy!”

You can listen to “Move Me” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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