Robert DeLong takes his zany ways in stride on ‘Walk Like Me’


Recommended Tracks:  “Walk Like Me”, “Rest of my Life”, “Chaos Chaos Chaos”
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Over the years, alt-electronic artist Robert DeLong has been combining his love of music and technology into high-energy tracks that entertain and inspire.  Whether you have been with him since the release of his debut album in 2013 or just recently became a fan through his latest singles, there is no denying the meticulous detail that Robert puts into his work.  He continues to evolve and try new things on each project, which is true with his latest studio album Walk Like Me.  Containing twelve tracks that show off Robert’s feisty spirit and incredible ability to create unique worlds, Walk Like Me is an impressive look at the moments that have shaped Robert over the years.

Most of the album deals with Robert’s negative relationship with himself.  On tracks such as “Own Worst Enemy” and “This Life,” he unapologetically bashes his ways and calls out various flaws in his life.  We also have the collaborative tracks “Did it To Myself” with Lights and “Rest Of My Life” with Ashe, which focus on the way that these pessimistic vibes carry over into relationships.  As serious as these tracks sound, Robert has a way of infusing a lightness into what is being said, turning the self-deprecation into a vibrant festival.

There are other parts of the album that get into the madness that occurs outside of Robert’s life, but are felt just as personally.  On the charismatic “There Goes The Generation,” we hear about the way that society closes itself inward, due to computers and technology.  Over driving drums and synth, he sings about people “taking photographs of their pictures” and going “around the world” while staying in a bedroom, noting the strange paradox of these observations.  This idea comes across again on the short “Information Overload Blues,” where Robert playfully adopts a country blues sound and takes a dig at the media.  All of the bizarre activity is enough to drive anyone to insanity, which Robert sums up on the destructive “Chaos Chaos Chaos,” where he sings about letting all hell break loose.

Of course, the production and variation of tracks on Walk Like Me is enough to go on alone.  From the eclectic bridge on title track “Walk Like Me” to the cosmic “10 Years,” Robert ensures that whatever kind of music you into, you will be pleased when listening to the album.  It is a wonder as to how he is able to craft such elaborate songs, but you get the sense that everything he incorporates is true to his artistry.  These tracks are all very “Robert DeLong,” and will stay that way, even if he changes his form of musical expression in the future.

When previously describing the album, Robert had mentioned all of the “internal chaos” that was felt by everyone over the past year and a half.  This definitely comes through on Walk Like Me, with the album serving as a necessary release that we can all appreciate.  Stylistically, we have the crowd anthems, the intimate jams, and the tracks that take on a life of their own, tapping into an endless array of emotion.  By openly putting his demons out there and causing musical mayhem, Robert proves that he is still an “alt-electro alchemist” and that the party keeps on going.

You can listen to Walk Like Me on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

You can also catch Robert on his upcoming Walk Like Me tour here.

Keep up with Robert DeLong:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // TikTok // YouTube // Website



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