Goody Grace Reflects on Former Self with ‘Used To Be’


For the past five years, Goody Grace has been doing all he can to get his name and his music out there.  From releasing amazing collaborations with artists like Jesse Rutherford and blink-182 to performing in multiple venues across the country, Goody has been putting in the work.  The 23-year-old knows how important it is to establish his place in the music business before releasing a debut album, which is why we keep getting one amazing single after another.  His latest release, “Used To Be,” might be his most telling single yet.

Accompanied with only an acoustic guitar, Goody Grace reflects on his former self and wishes that he could be that person once again.  The track’s three verses portray conversations he has with a friend, a lover, and a parent, each ending with the sentiment that he would like to get back to that “friend,” “lover,” and “son” that he used to be to those people.  At the same time, Goody appeals to the masses as he sings, “I’m putting trust into things that I don’t believe / And sometimes when I look in the mirror, it ain’t even me.”  We all have these kinds of moments when we fondly think back to easier times, especially as we get older.

About the track, Goody mentioned, “It’s definitely my favorite song I’ve ever made […] As cathartic and emotional as writing this song was, it felt really good.  The more I work on this new project, the more I really want my fans and really anybody listening to it, to feel like they know ME […] If this song can make at least one person feel less alone and give them a bit of peace of mind, then I did my job.”

Until we get that debut album from Goody, you can listen to “Used To Be” on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music and check out the video for the single below.

Keep up with Goody Grace:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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