Royals team up with Autumn Fires for “Circles”


It has been said that two is better than one. There are times when this is true and times when this is completely false. Would you rather find two dollars on the sidewalk or one? Would you rather have to study for two exams or one? In the case of UK pop punk band Royals and their new single, two is definitely better than one, as they team up with their friends in Autumn Fires for “Circles.”

On “Circles,” both bands tackle the burnout that comes from doing the same thing day-in and day-out. They compare this routine to riding a merry-go-round, Luke from Royals and Charlotte from Autumn Fires singing, “We go round and round in circles / My patience wearing thin / So intent on moving forward and forgetting where I’ve been.” The sweet and fiery vocals from Charlotte and the gritty, icy vocals from Luke give the track its playful, powerful edge, made all the more so from the well-defined pop punk production. You can listen to it below.

About “Circles,” Royals share,

“Lyrically, we address the ever-so-relatable frustration of feeling stuck in a loop, going around doing the same things repeatedly in a bid to reach your goals but acknowledging that only determination and consistency are key to breaking free of the cycle and emphasizing the need for patience in getting where you want to be. It’s a feeling that’s on the nose for artists, but a relatable feeling in all walks of life, touching on the gambles we take in order to avoid regretting not trying.”

You can listen to “Circles” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Royals and Autumn Fires on tour together here.

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