iDKHOW announce New Album ‘Razzmatazz’


The American band iDKHOW, lead by the multi-instrumentalist Dallon Weekes, have announced their debut album ‘Razzmatazz’ prior to the release of their first EP ‘1981 extended play‘ 2 years ago. The album announcement comes only hours after the release of brand new single, Leave Me AloneSimilar to previous releases, there is a bold bass line and syncopated riff accompanied by Ryan Seaman’s excellent drumming. Frontman Weekes has explained the inspiration behind the song, “when you’re in a toxic situation, the phrase ‘Leave Me Alone’ is the last civil thing you say before things get uncivil.”

Razzmatazz is the next chapter in iDKHOW’s carefully constructed storyline by Dallon himself. Initially the band was believed to have been from 30+ years ago that never got their big break. But in 2017, an anonymous source began to release recovered video footage of iDKHOW, with videos that spanning the years 1964 to 1983 released out of sequence and display a mysterious genesis that has yet to be understood. Preorder the album here to start your journey along iDKHOW’s mysterious releases.

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