Interview: Bugus, Atlanta Made Producer And Rapper, Is Ready To Change The Game


Bugus is most often recognized for being the best friend of fellow DIEMON creator and Atlanta based rapper Russ. But many acknowledge him for his insane creative ability as a producer in his own right.

Bugus is slowly but surely making sure the world knows he’s more than a best friend and producer, but a lyrical genius with his own fan base.

In my interview with Bugus we talked about his recently released a self-titled album Bugus and so much more.

Melodic Magazine: What is the meaning behind you newest album,Bugus, and what is the message that you wanted listeners to get from it?

Bugus: I self titled the album because it’s an introduction to me, my life and my journey thus far. The main message of the album is persistence. Persistence is the way to succeed at anything you’re doing. Keep going. Don’t give up no matter what. No matter how the odds look or how far you feel from your destination.  

MM: What artist(s) inspires your music and sound the most?  

Bugus: Lil Wayne, Kanye West, JAY Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar , and Nipsey Hussle  

MM: With Nipsey Hussle’s recent passing, as an artist influenced by him and his impact beyond music, is there anything you want to do or change in honor of his legacy?  

Bugus: I want continue to build myself up and own that process. Nipsey would advise me to own my masters so in his honor, I will. I’ve always planned on investing in my family and community , and Nipsey made me want to do it even more so in his honor I’m going to do that to the fullest.  

MM: Out of your entire catalog what song do you think represents you best as an artist?  

Bugus: To be honest I don’t even know. I feel it all does because every song is a representation of how I felt at that moment and what was running thru my heart and mind at the time.  

MM: Congratulations on dropping the music video to the still wildly popular 2017 hit “I Just Know.” Can you explain the influence or inspiration behind the video?  

Bugus: I wanted the video to be Bugus meets Bugus 2.0 meaning I wanted my current self to see my future self, the super successful version of myself. Right now I’m successful , but I’m not where I want to be so that video is the current me getting a peek into my future.

MM: If you could have an artist feature on a song with you, living or not,who would it be and why?  

Bugus: Lil Wayne. He’s my favorite rapper of all time. I think he’s a genius and one of the hardest working artists ever. I grew up on Wayne since I was 6-7 years old. I know all his music and all his lyrics. He’s my all time favorite. I wouldn’t be rapping if it wasn’t for Wayne.  

MM: As an Atlanta based artist is there anything your thankful for the city for? *this could be anything from the influence of sound,artists, people, fans etc*  

Bugus: Yeah, I just want to thank Atlanta for being what it is as a city.Artistically I want to thank OutKast, Goodie Mobb, T.I. , Ludacris, Gucci ,Jeezy ,and many others for just laying a foundation in my childhood and having the whole world looking at our city. I’m gonna benefit from what they did so I respect them and what they did to the fullest.  

MM: You are one of the creators and members of the collective known as DIEMON (Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing), a brand,a label,and a family of creatives. What would you want our readers to know about Diemon? What are your hopes for the future of DIEMON?  

Bugus: DIEMON is going to keep bringing the quality. Every time. We hope to keep delivering at the highest level possible both now and in the future.

MM: For most musicians the music they create comes from a personal place from within,do you think there’d ever be something off limits for you to write about and release to your fans?  

Bugus: Definitely. Every human has something they’ve never talked about and probably won’t ever.  

MM: If you could choose a song for the summer off your newest album what would it be?   Bugus: DIRTY  

MM: Is there a tour in the near future to promote Bugus,and if so who would you want to go on tour with or tour with you?  

Bugus: At the moment, I don’t have one booked , but I’d love to go on tour with Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole or Kanye West. It’d be a dream come true for anyone of them to take me on tour.  

MM: You’ve been able to do so much as an independent grassroots artist and producer,what are some of your goals for the next year or two?

Bugus: In the next year or two, my goal is to drop a classic debut album and perform it all over the world for people.  

Check out the recently released music video for Jealousy and the Bugus album below !

Photographer Donte Maurice: Website and Instagram  

Want more Bugus ? Instagram and Twitter  Check our more from DIEMON here !    


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