Album Review: Lizzo // Cuz I Love You


Recommended songs: “Like a Girl”, “Crybaby”and “Juice”

Lizzo’s newest album, Cuz I Love You is nothing short of a stroke creative genius that includes features from Gucci Mane and Missy Elliott. 

Known for her unfiltered honesty and view of the world, Lizzo has given her a one of a kind view in the form of a new album. The album begins with the title song “Cuz I Love You” which is as powerful and meaningful as one could imagine.

Prior to the album dropping, Lizzo released a few singles such as “Tempo”, which became an instantaneous hit with its lyrics and fun track. The single ” Juice” is a catchy bop you want to sing in the car with friends. Those two singles are upbeat and inspirational in their own way and “Like a Girl” is a song that follows suit but becomes an anthem for all women.

The order of the songs on the album feels intentional and purposeful. Going from a song like “Jerome” to “Crybaby” is an amazing transition. “Jerome” is comprised of a more raw sounding Lizzo in addition to a track that is used explicitly to compliment the lyrics. While “Crybaby” has a huge rock influence that has you immediately swaying to the beat of the bass and drums. Lizzo’s tendency to span other genres other than pop is so clearly laid out with the differences in the tracks like the big band mixed with pop hits like “Exactly How I Feel” and “Better In Color”, versus the R&B ballad like the song “Lingerie”.

The album is all inclusive of the honestly that Lizzo exhibits in all aspects of her life and with songs like “Soulmate” and “Heaven Help Me”. These songs also round out the album and provide a final dose of vulnerability before concluding with the ballad  “Lingerie” .

The album is obviously a pop record that could double as a layout to loving oneself,building up self-confidence, and recognizing one’s worth.  

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