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Maren Morris, the proverbial rebel country singer, and powerhouse has been on her GIRL: The World Tour, named after her sophomore album, GIRL, which streamed 23.96 million times during its first week alone. Morris, known for her country hits that often mixed with pop and a dash of soulfulness, captivates the audience from start to finish and proves why the tour has been selling out stop after stop.

The sold out Atlanta show began with the amazing opener, RaeLynn. RaeLynn is a powerhouse in her own right and brought some of her Texas charm to the stage in addition to her creativity. Her mashup of ” thank u next” with her own songs was masterful, fun, and an unexpected moment that took the energy in the room to new heights.

Once RaeLynn was finished with her beyond perfect set, there were mere minutes between the audience and the highly anticipated performance of Maren.

Maren Morris’  performance began with flashes of video clips, as first notes of “GIRL” were masked by the audience’s shouts of excitement, while Maren rose from the floor. It became clear that this show was going to be visually superior to many and musically inferior to none.

By starting with the album’s namesake Morris was setting a precedent that the audience would not be able to forget: women. That not just Maren but all women, their experiences, struggles, love, and so much more. The show continued with songs that are fan favorites like “80s Mercedes”, which is a single the she released in 2016 that spent thirty-six weeks on the charts.

Maren Morris started talking about how this second album was heavily influenced by her marriage and her husband so much so that the first song she wrote for the album, “To Hell and Back” was about him. Paired with this song were various video clips of women and the struggles that they go through as individuals and as a significant other.

Before playing one of the most recognizable songs from the album  , as well as Morris’ favorite song to perform “All My Favorite People” Raelynn returned to the stage. During the duos entire performance the energy in the room was almost palpable.

“I Could Use a Love Song” was the next song to be performed, but before singing Maren talked about how prior to its release she was told by a music executive that “People don’t want to hear sad women sing on the radio.” In response to that Morris had this to say:

“I’m pretty sure that’s how country music got started, and it makes me feel healed because they feel what I do and go through what I go through”.

After taking the time to explain the origins of one of her biggest hits, Maren Morris followed up with songs such as “Make Out With Me” and “Flavor”  which exhibited some of the most intriguing and creative visuals and were so tasteful and perfect for the songs they were accompanying. “Flavor” displayed various individuals, groups, and creative from different backgrounds in a state of bliss as well as expressing themselves in their own way.

The lively bops“Rich” and “RSVP” gave the audience a second wind and an eagerness to keep the night going. In reality, they were part of the nearing end, with the always loved and “Hallelujah, Amen” evoking “My Church” rounding out the show.

The audience, while still riding the wave of excitement from the show, cheered until Maren Morris gave them the encore they needed. The encore comprised of  “Shade” from Girl and “The Middle” also known as Morris’ “song that changed my life” that spent seven weeks at number one on the charts.

Overall Maren Morris from start to finish was able to generate emotions in the audience, ranging from sadness and love to pure joy. GIRL: The World Tour was a show that whether you were with your mom, best friends, or significant other, you left the venue elated with the experience you just shared.

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