Live Review: Bea Miller// Sold Out Atlanta Show


Bea Miller is known for being the young girl with amazing vocals on X-Factor and has proven that she isn’t that little girl anymore. She’s a young woman that goes through the same things so many young people face from; heartbreak, to disappointment, to unchartered territory, and so much more.

Bea’s entire set was filled with songs from her newest album aurora as well some of her most recent hit singles.

Before the sold out Atlanta show of her first headlining tour, the room was buzzing with energy as those in the crowd became acquainted with their new friends and kindred spirits, which was fitting considering the tour is called Nice to Meet U.

The concert began with Bea coming out to the first notes of a song like you, which was followed by outside, and repercussions. By the time the fan favorite motherlove started playing the audience became even more electric and excited to sing along.

Next was  S.L.U.T, a song that was written because of the shaming and mistreatment of women to other women, and the crowd was in fully empowered by the lyrics. From there though it was time to slow it down, and it was a great change of pace starting with the acoustic version of like that.

The pace change allowed the audience to genuinely connect with Bea and not just as an artist, but as a person. She spoke about the environment and the changes that we have to make in order to stop destroying it. Another time she used her platform was when a young woman in the crowd yelled “p***y power”.She told her and the rest of the crowd that the phrase isn’t inclusive of women that weren’t biologically born as women.

The slower pace of the show continued with the acoustic version of force of nature where after she even shared a tissue with some fans in audience when they all teared up. Following that Bea spoke about how there was a time when she was younger and she felt like there was one song she knew would always make her feel better, and so one day she made a joke about performing it on tour.That song is Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers, the band that was her first concert, and is especially fitting since they have recently reunited.

As the show continued the energy in the room effortlessly lifted with each additional song and time Bea stopped to talk to the audience. The show also had special guests NOTD in attendance, the duo responsible for the smash hit single I Wanna Know that features Bea. The duo came on stage and danced with Bea as she performed their number one song. That would’ve marked the end of the show, but what did was an encore comprised of it’s not you it’s me

While there were a few minors that had their parents with them at the show it was clear that age wasn’t a factor when it came to the ability to have fun. The show marked a great time for all in attendance and left everyone glad they made it to Terminal West on a Tuesday.

Check out the rest of the Nice To Meet U Tour dates here!

If you want more Bea Miller: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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