Live Review: Bryce Vine In Atlanta Proved Why He Is The Headliner Of His Tour


Atlanta was beyond ready for the “Drew Barrymore” singer- songwriter Bryce Vine at Masquerade on Sunday. Vine, known for his unique sound that doesn’t fit into one category, was able to capture the audience from start to finish. His sold out Atlanta show was a great way for this city to support this LA natives 2019 North American tour. Vine once said his sound is like “If Outkast and Blink-182 got drunk with the Gorillaz and started playing music together”, and I can assure you from experience he’s absolutely right- and it’s spectacular.

The Headline Tour began with two very different openers, 7715 and Kid Quill.

7715 is a band of five guys that lived in a house in California together, and that house that started out as a place for them to throw parties,it later became the hub for what would later become the band 7715. The members all add something to the group that allows them to harmoniously create a sound that is a balance of alternative pop-rock blended with the right amount of hip-hop. Though most of the audience didn’t know who they were, they do now, because everyone was dancing and vibing to their performance. Their most widely recognized single “Week” was performed and everyone was singing along by the end of the song, so I can confidently say while they were introduced through this tour , the future of this band is bright.

Kid Quill,had his own fan base at the show and that mostly consisted of young women screaming and singing along to the words to his songs. His fans rival those of 90s boy bands and the headliner Bryce Vine. His performance was to be revered. He was engaging, charismatic ,and got the crowd excited with songs like “Playlist” and “+1”, but above all his fans as well as the audience were excited when he performed “The Opener”  At one point during his performance he remixed a couple of early 2000s throwbacks and it was magical. Throughout his set,I knew this rapper from Indiana has a different kind of artistry that has definitely found its place in music, and I’m excited to see what he does next.

The energy in the was air buzzing by the time Kid Quill got off the stage, and everyone was hyper aware that Bryce Vine was about to come on. While waiting for him to come out I struck up a conversation with some of the audience members, and they were awe inspiring. From the girls that traveled from college in Alabama, to the girl who made her boyfriend come with her from New Orleans, to the sisters that flew up from Miami. They all had one commonality, Bryce Vine. He had touched something in them with his music, but my favorite fans that I met were the mother- daughter duo. Sunday’s show was the fourth time they’d seen him, and the mom may have been a bigger fan than the daughter! But after talking to them I was even more excited for the rest of the show.When the blue lights came on and Vine came out as the notes to “On The Ball” started,the room was filled with screams, shouts, and unadulterated excitement, and I knew it was going to be an incredible show.

After “On the Ball” Vine went straight into songs such as “Sunflower Seeds” and “Los Angeles”. It was clear the audience was beyond excited to have him perform songs from his 2016 album Night Circus. He was able to have them not only sing along and be completely immersed in the words of each song but also the energy of each song. Vine knew what his audience wanted and needed and was able to deliver. He talked to the audience and reminded everyone where some of the songs came from. But beyond that he spoke to the audience like he was talking to them on an individual level on not-to a sold out show of people.

When Vine performed “Private School” I don’t think there was a person in the venue that wasn’t dancing and so hyped for this song, and I thought it couldn’t get any better than that – I would later see I was mistaken. “Bang Bang” and “Nowhere Man” created a different energy with their unique tracks, they highlighted Vine’s talent for songwriting and singing in a different way. By performing those songs he instilled a feeling of nostalgia on the audience and put them in a calmer more thoughtful state.He then brought out a special guest,his “friend”, whose girlfriend got him tickets to the show as a birthday gift. Vine and his “friend” then invited his girlfriend onstage and he then proposed to her right there on stage in front of everyone! It was such a beautiful moment,and to be able to have one of their favorite artists be apart of a it is something that the couple will remember forever. The room was filled with excited whispers because of the proposal, until the beginning of “Where the Wild Things Are” started playing.

“Where the Wild Things Are” is from Vine’s Lazy Fair album, and the audience was elevated to another level with this upbeat and fun song. Everyone around me was jumping and moving their entire bodies to express how much this song excited them, and it seemed as though the show caught a second wind and could keep going for another half hour. The songs that followed included “La La Land “ and the final song “Glamorama” which was one of the most profound finale’s I’ve ever seen at a concert. But Bryce Vine wasn’t going to leave us hanging and did a double encore of “Drew Barrymore” ,his hit single that helped propel him to where he is now,and a classic fan favorite “ Sour Patch Kids” from Lazy Fair .

Overall Bryce Vine put on a remarkable performance that was genuine and unparalleled to so many others. Everything was unbelievable, from the lights, Vine himself, and to the fact that his DJ/trumpet player performed with a sling on ! All of this is why I understand why fans came from near and far to experience this one night with him.He should be recognized for his unequivocal talent, and I look forward to what Bryce Vine has to offer next.

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Photo Credits:Journey Habtemariam, BJ Jensen and Ryan Jay


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