Still Woozy’s ‘Loveseat’ Is an Ode To Life, Love, And Happiness 


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Recommended Tracks:Shotput”, “Run It Back”, “Frida Kahlo”, “All Your Life

Still Woozy is known for his calm, shimmery music. His latest release, Loveseat, highlights these traits and develops them song by song. Through wispy guitar, distorted synths, and fun percussion, Still Woozy crafts a love letter to his family and friends acknowledging the importance of their presence in his life. 

Opening with “Again”, we are introduced to the darker sides of Still Woozy’s past relationships. The track focuses on a repeated cycle of denial and heartbreak, using heavy bass and synths to underscore the tougher, complex feelings that come with this pain. These feelings are repeated in other songs such as “Big Fish”. However, these emotions don’t define the future of Still Woozy’s relationships. In songs such as “Lemon”, Still Woozy addresses the hurt surrounding uncertainty or an impending breakup, but realizes that life will sort itself out for the best no matter the ending.

In songs such as “Shotput” and “Run It Back”, Still Woozy focuses on the brighter sides of relationships. Through punchy percussion and funky bass, Still Woozy professes his love and admiration for the people he loves. Slower songs such as, “Houston” and “Rid of Me” share how these people have positively impacted his life as he vows to always stand by them during their times of need. 

Loveseat is an ode to the people he loves most in life. He honors his friends and family by creating meaningful songs that share how their impact has changed him as a person. Loveseat inspires listeners to reflect on what matters most to them and to show appreciation for the people or things that bring them joy.

You can listen to Loveseat below.

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Emma Celenza
Emma Celenza
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