Deb Fan reflects on the complexities of morality on “Closer to Hell”


Drawing comparisons to artists like Kali Uchis and Amber Mark, Deb Fan is earning hype ahead of the release of sophomore EP, Kowloon Demos. She released the EP’s first single, “Lady,” last month, which received praise from noteworthy tastemakers like Billboard and The Line of Best Fit. The single delves into the complexities of tradition and the way it influences identity in pop culture, further elaborating on Deb’s artistry and own identity in today’s world. The single was also inspired by a recent trip that Deb took to Hong Kong, which she hadn’t visited in three years. The trip re-acquainted her with her hometown and made her question some of the bigger pictures of life. As she continues to reflect and promote all that Kowloon Demos has up its sleeve, Deb is releasing “Closer to Hell,” the second single from the project.

On “Closer to Hell,” we are thrown back into that dark yet glittery world that Deb has been known to expose in her songs. She is a master at mixing the heavy with the light, the holy with the sinister, and “Closer to Hell” is no exception. Throughout the track, she touches on the way that our hearts and minds are so naturally complex and mysterious. With these haunting, almost conversational vocals, she sings, “I feel jealousy and angry, so does everyone around me / Endless talking, can’t you let me breathe?” and “You can never tell / We don’t know who’s closer to hell,” observing the unknown.

In the video below, which was directed by Breanna Lynn, we watch as this play on duality comes to life. We see Deb dressed in white in certain scenes and black in others, almost portraying an angel and devil. She sits in the shadows of a church and basks in the natural light coming in through the windows of a dance space, further depicting the threatening and enchanting feel of the song. Viewers will also be able to watch as graceful ballet dancers move to the eerie alt sounds of the track, contrasting the harsh with the soft.

About “Closer to Hell,” Deb shares,

“In ‘Closer to Hell,’ I reflect on the challenges of abandoning my people-pleaser tendencies and confronting the complexities of human nature. The chorus, ‘You can never tell, we don’t know who’s closer to hell,’ highlights the murky nature of morality, suggesting that our self-assured judgments and supposed righteousness might not be as clear-cut as we think. As humans, we play the moral game: pointing fingers, blaming each other, hardly taking accountability of our own actions. ‘Closer to Hell’ questions who, if anyone, can truly hold moral superiority?”

You can listen to “Closer to Hell” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Deb’s upcoming EP, Kowloon Demos, is set to drop in July.

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