Deb Fan challenges cultural expectations on “Lady”


When you listen to Deb Fan, you are in for an adventure, an experience. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles-based artist and producer has been busy flaunting her unique songwriting and production skills, releasing music that will make you think and feel in new and exciting ways. As we heard on her debut EP, Gemini Moon, Deb knows how to craft a song to its fullest potential; each melody, each vocal style, and each lyric was used in a way to enhance a mood or create an impression, making the EP’s six songs worthwhile. Deb is also not afraid to put pieces of herself into her music, tying together themes or thoughts that inspire her as a person and as an artist. On her new single, “Lady,” she presents us with a reflection on identity and choice in today’s world, prompted by a recent trip to Hong Kong.

On “Lady,” Deb brings forth the loveliness that comes from freedom, especially when it pertains to self-expression. Throughout, Deb gives us slow and breathy vocals that enliven the shimmering riffs and synthy downbeats that decorate the track. She sings, “There’s some beauty in made-up rules / King of my world with none to lose,” ready to challenge standards and cultural expectations. In the end, she serves up confidence and grace, inspiring listeners to play by their own rules.

Giving more details about “Lady” on social media, Deb shares,

“‘Lady’ interprets the complexities of modern femininity from my perspective as a Chinese descendant. Throughout my journey as a non-immigrant in the United States, I’ve come to realize that there seems to be a reductive view on Asian cultures and its people. Eight years into my journey, and I’ve come to realize that beyond defiance, my freedom of choice in defining my identity is what matters most. The lyrics, ‘There’s some beauty in made-up rules / King of my world with none to lose,’ reflect my choice to approach the stereotypes from a position of autonomy.

While working with Max [He, co-producer], he brought up a term called techno-orientalism, a concept in popular culture which often portrays Asian cultures as technologically advanced but culturally stagnant. From then, we wanted to capture the essence of techno-orientalism while merging it with traditional elements to challenge these stereotypes and reclaim the narrative.

‘Lady’ is just a sliver of a larger project I’ve been working on, and I hope that you’d come to understand these nuances of my artistry forward.”

“Lady” is the first single from Deb’s upcoming sophomore EP, Kowloon Demos.

You can listen to “Lady” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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