Yung Bae teams up with Sam Fischer and Pink Sweat$ for summer anthem “Silver and Gold”


It has been such a busy year for Yung Bae, Sam Fischer, and Pink Sweat$.  First, internet sensation Yung Bae went viral on TikTok with last year’s release of “Bad Boy,” accruing over 2 billion impressions across 1 million videos.  Next, Sam Fischer scored a duet with Demi Lovato on “What Other People Say,” which has become an album highlight on Demi’s latest, Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over.  Finally, Pink Sweat$ dropped his debut album back in February, and teamed up with Kehlani to release a remix of the album’s hit track, “At My Worst.”  Somehow, these three artists were able to find time in their busy schedules to come together and release a new track that is sure to be another one for the books.

Ending the summer in style, Yung Bae, Sam Fischer, and Pink Sweat$ give us “Silver and Gold.”  The anthemic track has an uplifting spirit that will inspire anyone to get out there and pursue their dreams – scratching that itch for those who have been watching the Olympics.  The jovial horns, cheerful piano, and soulful vocals usher in that reminder that “You have to want it more than silver and gold,” and erase any cloud of negativity that gets in the way.  As Sam Fischer and Pink Sweat$ sing about working hard and appreciating all that is around you, you cannot help but agree with their sentiments.  Why not go after what you want?

The track was just “meant to be” for these artists, as things clicked fairly quickly.  Yung Bae shared, “I’d had the body of the track done for a little over a year with Sam Fischer, making small changes, really trying to get everything to sit perfectly.  As soon as Pink Sweat$ jumped on it I knew it was done!  Sam and I flew out to Nashville, did 2 days of sessions with him and he nailed it right out of the gate. Everyone who helped contribute to this track I’m such a fan of.  I was lucky to get to work with so many friends, everything just flowed every step of the way.”  Sam Fischer echoed these statements, saying, “‘Silver and Gold’ is truly a labor of love between creative friends and family.  It feels like it’s travelled through different times, pens and cities to end up as the glorious moment it is now.”  

You can listen to “Silver and Gold” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Catch Yung Bae on tour this fall here.

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